The Birth of a Blog


Hi World!

After a year or two of Youtubing, I finally decided to start a blog!  I hope everyone is as excited about it as I am (ok.  Probably not… but just pretend you are, mkay?).  I feel like I just birthed a magnificent word-baby, and I’m looking forward to watching it grow, develop, and become a more awesome reflection of me!

Many of you may have seen me on my Youtube channel (CurlyCrazyfulLeah), but what most of you probably don’t know is that I used to be a modestly popular blogger back in the Myspace days (tellin’ my age, I know).  During that time, I met tons of new friends, wrote some wonderful pieces, and just enjoyed the creative outlet.   But now that it’s 2012 and the only things still on Myspace are dust bunnies, tumbleweeds, and spambots, I decided to resubmerge myself into the blogging world here at wordpress!  🙂

So, I bet you’re wondering what to expect on my new blog.  To be honest, I’m not completely sure yet.  I expect that I will be talking a lot about hair, fashion, makeup, showing off some of my DIY project, inserting some randomness (no slug videos, I promise… or do I?  *muahahaha*), highlighting some of my favorite youtubers and videos, discussing products and current events and the list goes on.

I really want to use this platform as a way to express myself when I don’t feel like getting “camera-ready”.  LOL.  I express myself much better in writing than by speaking, so hopefully you will enjoy what you read here.

So please be patient with me while I get the hang of things here.  I promise it will be worth the wait!  🙂

Thanks for watching… reading!  Bye!!!! 🙂




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  1. Hahaha! No one knows I have a blog. I wanted to get a few more posts up there and really style it before I advertise it.

    As for being a “camera person”, that just comes with experience. The first few times speaking in front of a camera is akward as heck, but it becomes second nature after a while.

    Oh yeah, and I absolutely LOVE your blog! It so well-written and informative. I subscribed.

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